A new kennel

A lot of hard work has gone into a new home for the dog.  This timeline will take you through it

March 2021
Before we start
The Middle pub

Middle pub with the bar at the front of the building and 'Dancefloor' at the rear 

May 2021
Lets begin
The Butchers Dog

With the last remants of the Middle Pub removed we can make a start

May 2021
The Main Area

New wall and floor and plenty of plasterboard

June 2021
Lots to do
The Fire Place

The fireplace had been neglected and boarded up, time to give it a new lease of life

June 2021
The Bar takes Shape
The Main Bar

After heightening the bar area the first structure is put into place and the bar begins to take shape

June 2021
Old Dog feel
Familiar Panelling

This is the old dog in a new kennel and so the old panelling is reconstructed to match and make old customers feel at home

June 2021
Still a lot ot do

The ceilings need to be done so a large piece of scaffolding takes up residence.

June 2021
Starting to look like a bar
The Bar Comes into View

With the bar from the old Dog intergrated into a new frame the bar starts to look familiar

June 2021
The Fireplace
The Fireplace

The fireplace is restored back to its original width and a new lintel is added

June 2021
Matching the look
It's the Little Things

Even the wallpaper made its way from the old Dog! just want to make everyone feel at home

June 2021
looks very familiar
The Top Goes on

The bar top is added along with the rules of the bar stamped in brass and taking pride of place

June 2021
Red and Gold
Let the Painting Begin

After weeks of hard work Nats finally gets the change to begin painting while the rest of the work continues

June 2021
Fire sourround
The Transformation Continues

With the flu finally cleaned and repaired the fireplace is tidied up and the sourround is put into place

July 2021
It's the little things
Little touches

It just not the Dog without the butchers bike. No longer in the window but pride of place non the less

July 2021
No Pub Without Ale

Deliveries start to arrive and the cellar begins to get fully stocked ready for opening night

July 2021
Almost ready to be serving
The Bar is (almost) Open

With the cellar fully stocked and flooring about to go in the bar stands ready for action.

July 2021
Cant forget the floor
Flooring going down

Yet another local business utilised as the floor is in and laid in a matter of hours

July 2021
Finally looking like a real fireplace
Log burner in place

The fireplace tranformation is just about complete as the log burners is added

July 2021
almost ready for the punters
tranformation complete

The fireplace tranformation is just about complete as the log burners is added

The Butchers Dog

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