The Butcher’s Dog MicroBrewery  

This is where our better breed of beer is born – The Butcher’s Dog microbrewery. 
We’re Driffield’s first microbrewery, and brew multiple times each week, with head brewer Tim Waudby producing a core range of ales (in addition to seasonal specials) that are enjoyed in pubs, bars and restaurants across the region and beyond. 
The Butcher’s Dog is a one-barrel plant microbrewery, launched in 2016. The idea came from Tim, real ale enthusiast (and husband of Natalie - The Butcher’s Dog Micropub proprietor) who became inspired to take up brewing after a visit to one of Yorkshire’s top breweries. 
After experimenting with home brewing and honing his craft for several years, he had a vision of launching his very own brewery, and convinced Natalie that it would be the perfect business to compliment The Butcher’s Dog micropub. 
Work began on the brewery in June 2015. Tim and Natalie sourced and purchased an existing plant from Four Thorns - a SIBA award-winning brewery near York, and got to work modifying and upgrading the equipment. We then created a purpose-built fermentation room, complete with an advanced climate control system to ensure that all the ale that leaves the brewery is perfectly fermented and conditioned. 
In December 2015, the work was finally complete, and the brewery was signed off by HMRC and ERYC – The Butcher’s Dog Microbrewery had arrived, and we brewed the first batch of real ale to celebrate the occasion! 
Tim with Peppa 'The Butchers Dog' 
Tim Waudby is our Head brewer. Tim is an ex RAF Aircraft Technician whos love of home brewing and real ale came to head after a visit to one of Yorkshires top breweries a few years ago. After talking to their brewer and seeing how it all worked, Tim was inspired. Brewing was the way forward for him and convinced partner Nat (proprietor of The Butcher's Dog Micropub in Driffield) that a microbrewery would be perfect to compliment the pub. 
And so The Butcher's Dog Microbrewery was born... 
Want to learn more about how our beer is made? Come and have a look round at one of our regular ‘Meet The Brewery’ events and brewery tours, conducted by our head brewer Tim Waudby. 
For additional information about The Butcher’s Dog Microbrewery, our plant, or our brewery tours and events, please call 01377 254032 today, or email 
The Butcher’s Dog, Driffield 
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