The Butcher’s Dog Ciders  


Our definition of real cider is quite simply a drink made from whole apples that have been pressed and then fermented. Not all real ciders are made in exactly the same way. Some producers put in extra fruit, sometimes even a different type of fruit, such as blackberries. Others will pasteurise or filter their ciders. 
We believe this doesn’t alter the fact that the cider remains 'real'. Most of our ciders are produced by artisan cider makers who have been producing cider for many years in the traditional way. Our definition of real perry is almost the same. It is a drink made from whole pears that have been pressed and then fermented. No cider apples are added. 
We sell most of our ciders in 20 litre (approx 35 pints) bag-in-boxes. These have a much longer shelf life than a five gallon poly bin and will keep the cider fresh for up to three months. Our ciders in the pub will only be on the bar for approximately one week, then we will change it once it has all gone for a different cider, and rotating them all the time. 
We have a competitive range of around 85 different 20L BIB ciders for the whole sale market all free delivery for orders over £200 in the local area.  
The Butchers Dog Cider Co is one of the UK's growing cider whole sale businesses supplying Yorkshire with the best ciders from around the country. If you are interested in a price list and more information please email: or sign up today for a trade account.  
On line shop coming soon ... In the mean time why not email: for a price list and delivery costs.