The Butcher’s Dog MicroBrewery  

The Butcher’s Dog Microbrewery of Driffield is an independantly owned, one barrel plant microbrewery. We promote traditional real ales within a 30 mile radius of Driffield, producing and delivering the beers ourselves.  
We have our 6 core range available all year round as well as monthly and seasonal ales. 
our 6 core range include :- 
Peppa's Pawter - 4.7% ABV - A unique dark red ale combining fine malts with black treacle and first gold hops. 
Black Spot Stout - 4.6% ABV - A complex dry stout made with a unique blend of 7 malts. 
Yorkshire Tyke Bitter - 3.8% ABV - A true session ale for the real ale fanatic. 
Kukur IPA - 5.8% - A traditional IPA complimented with an abundance of early cascade and late galaxy hops. 
One-0-One Pale ale - 4.6% ABV - With citrus notes made from east kent goldings, agnus and bobek hops. 
Special Requests?  
Tell us if you’d like us to make you a special beer for your business or occasion and we will! 
Tim with Peppa 'The Butchers Dog' 
Tim Waudby 
Tim Waudby is our Head brewer. Tim is an ex RAF Aircraft Technician whos love of home brewing and real ale came to head after a visit to one of Yorkshires top breweries a few years ago. After talking to their brewer and seeing how it all worked, Tim was inspired. Brewing was the way forward for him and convinced partner Nat (proprietor of The Butcher's Dog Micropub in Driffield) that a microbrewery would be perfect to compliment the pub. 
And so The Butcher's Dog Microbrewery was born... 
Construction of the brewery started in July 2015. We purchased an existing brewery plant from SIBA award winning Four Thornes brewery of Heslington in York. The plant was dismantled and relocated to our current site in Driffield. An advantage of dismantling the plant for relocation was that we were able to modify and upgrade the plant during the rebuild.  
One of the main features at the brewery is the purpose built fermentation room which needed to be climate controlled in order to control the fermentation, conditioning and storage of the ales. The fermentation room has its own system to control the ambient room temperature and each individual fermentation vessel temperature. 
The plant was completed in December 2015 we were able to have the brewery's final inspections with HMRC and ERYC to give us the all clear to brew.  
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The Butcher’s Dog, Driffield 
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