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 News From The Butcher’s Dog  

Peppa is our much loved family pet and the inspiration for the logo of the pub as it was a butchers shop when it was originally built and she is as fit as a butchers dog. 
Every month Peppa will give you an insight through her blog of what has been happening at the pub, brewery and out and about........ 
Hello Everyone! Its me Peppa again i hope you have all had a great christmas & are all of the dry January steaks!  
January is always a time to reflect on the past year & make changes and plans to what you would like the next year to hold,and now this month I'm going to had over the blog to my mum Natalie as she wanted to write it this month but ill be back to write the February one! See you Soon x PEPPA x ..... 
Hi All, 
Last year for The Butchers Dog Micro-Pub was once again a very fun filled and Succsessful year. We launched our brewery in February with our aptly named core range of beers and they proved hugely successful with our customers and pubs in the area. We have loved having the brewery and having ago at brewing its been most enjoyable, but at some point all good things have to come to an end, Tim is going to carry on in his full time job as he enjoys it and is looking forward to promotion and I am going to concentrate on the pub, It wont be the last of our ales as Tim is going to carry on brewing at our friends breweries so you will be seeing our ales still available in the pub! SO we are selling our lovely brewery so some one else can enjoy the experience as we have. 
We have a lot coming up this year in the pub check out the whats on? Page its going to be a fun filled and exciting summer we will be going to our usual festivals Beer Town at Malton and Hull CAMRA real ale festival were just waiting for dates! We have our own Driffield Beer festival at the end of April alongside the East Riding Country Fair. 
Gin & Whisky tasting evening dates are to be confirmed... plus lots lots more.  
We have our voucher in the best pages magazine this month so have a look out for it and bring it in to get a half price drink, were also going to be launching our Butchers Dog Club 'A Mans Best Friend' open to all customers (male or female), it will be a case of filling out a card in the pub and you will receive loyalty cards, whats on emails and special offers such as anniversary and birthday gifts, christmas cards and lots more this will be starting in March.  
we have a lot to look forward to and are still wanting suggestion for you all as its your pub!! you choose the ales, ciders and what events you want to do! just message us or talk to me or Cheri and tell us what you want to see in The Dog! 
Yes the rumours are true, we have installed a keg line for Keg beer and Keg cider on draft, it will be a permanent Thistly Cross Whisky Cask Cider (with a few others in-between as you all know its like gold dust to get hold of) and were going to put Belgian ales through the beer pump such as warstiener, duvel & vidett, If you want to suggest a beer or cider you would like to see in the pub then don't be shy just let us know and well see what we can do.  
We are excited for 2017 and cant wait to share some good times with you all, and once again thank you to each and every customer we are grateful for you support and its thanks to you guys that we are again crowned HUll & EAST YORKSHIRE TOWN PUB OF THE YEAR!! 
Were not going any were for a long time yet!  
peace and love to all Natalie xx  
Hi It's Peppa, Sorry its been a few months i haven't been very well so I haven't been able to log on and tell you all what has been going on! 
July was a very busy month with the hire bars &Th Driffield show but this year we didn't manage to get down there as Mum & Dad were getting Married in August and Mum was too stressed out! (Grumpy) 
August saw the epic failure of the pub cricket teams the Gents were knocked out first game & the Ladies didn't practice enough, so next year were going to organise proper practice sessions, Again i wasn't aloud to go as there wouldn't have been a match at all as I like Fetch too much but refuse to give back the ball. 
This month was also the month Mum & Tim got married, they asked me to thank all of there regulars for there cards, Gifts & kind words of support, and they hope you all thoroughly enjoyed the day.  
Driffield steam rally was a great success once again bringing large numbers of people into the town center to celebrate all things vintage & farming a great tradition the town has an may it long be a tradition too! I like the traction engines when they blow there whistles i like to howl along. 
September saw the pubs second birthday which was a pirate themed party with lots of games and prizes. Also Mum announced the competition winners for the summer competition and now its the bit I have been waiting for, I get to tell you the Winter Competition Details so here it goes!!..... 
As you all know I am the butchers dog! The most treasured Pet of ALL! But we know you butchers fans also treasure you pets so from the 1st October 2016 to 1st April 2017 were asking you for your pet pictures..... 
The Pictures must include our logo! weather it be cat sat in A butchers dog bag or an hamster reading a leaflet. All pets can enter Big or Small! Entries must be sent to and include Name & Age of the Pet with a funny one sentence description of what the pet is doing in the picture. 
All entries will be displayed in the gallery on the website & The winners will Be announced after 1st April 2017. 
Prizes Will include A "Doggy Bag" for the pet full of there favorite nibbles, toys & treats & A Treat for the Owner. 
Thanks to every one who entered the last competition & I look forward to seeing all of your pet pictures soon..... 
Peppa xx  
JUNE 2016 
Hi it's Peppa here again, 
wow cant believe its been a month already!  
I'm a bit late with my blog this month as i haven't been able to get to a computer as mum decided she wanted a new office so we have had every thing in storage. Grandad Ken has nearly finished the new office with the help from Uncle Tony. This means that we are nearly ready to launch the new cider company national instead of just supplying Yorkshire.  
We have the new webshop for trade open for business and are staring to build a good local customer base. We are hoping to get the public webshop finished soon so we can launch our new merchandise and people can buy our lovely beer and ciders online.  
Have you given us a call lately??.... If not you won't know about our new phone system, we have installed an automated system to help customers speak to the right people, I find it difficult to use now as my paws are too bit to select the numbers. 
The brewery is starting to reach its full potential dad has been having to do triple brew 16hrs on a Saturday to keep up with demand! which has meant we have had to do far more deliveries than normal & had more time on the beach :-). 
This years cricket club beer festival was a great success and was enjoyed by everyone. The festival bar & gazebo was out for this occasion even the wind didn't stop us.  
The Pub is looking great now the painting is finished we are just waiting for our new sign and canopy to be finished. 
Don't forget its Driffield show next month & August is Driffield Steam Rally & Mum and Dads wedding. 
See you soon Guys... 
MAY 2016 
Hello every one, 
It's Peppa here again to give you all the latest news from the butchers dog! 
It has been another busy month again for every one involved, Mum has just taken on a new business called "The Butchers Dog Cider Company" it's a new cider distribution company based in Yorkshire delivering bag in a box ciders all around Yorkshire, it seams to be doing really well as we have lots of trips out in the car which I love, She said she is going to be adding a trade section to the on line shop once its done so people can have a look at over 85 different ciders that are available. 
The pub is running this years cricket club beer festival on Friday 1st July - Sunday 3rd July but I'm not allowed to go as I will end up pinching the ball and I'm not very good at giving it back. It looks like is going to be a fun filled weekend tho and were selling tickets in the pub. I don't know what type of paper they used for the posters but I got in trouble after I read them as I ate one, it was very nice....Yum, Yum. 
Dad had his brewery launch this month which was a great success, I like all the names of the beers as there all named after me!! The new beer range consists of: 
Peppa's Pawter - (He He that's me) - a dark red porter. 
101 Special Pale ale - That is a light blonde ale (with me on as a puppy) 
Kukur IPA - Pale strong IPA (apparently Kukur means Dog in Hindu) 
Yorkshire Tyke - Best Bitter (mums always calling me a little tyke) 
Black Spot Stout - a dark stout made with 7 malts (its a picture of one of my spots) 
I have tried a few as dad always falls asleep watching TV with his beer in his hand and I sneek up on the sofa and pinch it. 
It was a very successful night at the pub by all accounts, the plan was for me to come in later but it got too busy and there was to much food about so they decided I was better off at home :-(. It was the busiest meet the brewer yet! 
Mums had the hire bar out again this time for a wedding anniversary! It was brilliant, they had a dog called Hector. He was a little scotty dog and they even had a statue of him on the table. I wonder if hes as well loved as me?! The people who had the event said that the bar was brilliant and what a wonderful job mum had done and even gave her some flowers. 
Cheri had her birthday this month so I wanted to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me as she always gives me treats and a stroke. (shes my favorite). Grandad Ken helped out in the pub for the meet the brewer and so did uncle Tony I think they do a fab job!! I don't think mum thanks them enough (He He) 
Well I think I've ran out of things to tell you all, I'm going to do some investigating down at the brewery next month and sniff out a new story & the pub seams to be having a lick of paint... 
Woof! Woof! 
See you all soon  
Peppa xx 
APRIL 2016  
Hello every one!! I'm Peppa, 
Mum is getting very busy this summer and hasn't had time to update the blog so she has left it to me to tell you what has been going on this month and she has promised if i do a good job I'll be aloud to update it from now on, so whats been happening... 
April has been a busy month for mum at the pub she has introduced the new bottle shop to the back of the pub and expanded the range of gift boxes and merchandise. She has a new games night every Wednesday from 6pm that if I'm good some weeks she will bring me along to and a home brew club once a month (every 2nd Tuesday at 8pm) have a look on the whats on page for more information and more up and coming events.  
Ive been sniffing around the brewery and found out dad has now completed all six recipes of the butchers dog range of ales. Come and join dad (Tim) the head brewer on Thursday 26th May at The Butchers Dog Micro-Pub from 7:30 pm were he will be reviling the new pump clips and talking you through a tasting of the ales. He told me he has now started to supply many pubs in the area with his lovely ales and hopes very soon to expand the brewery to a wider audience. I do hope more pubs in Scarborough or Bridlington take his ale as I get to share his fish and chips and run on the beach. 
Mum, Dad and Uncle Tony have been out and about this month to The Driffield Country Fair (29th April - 1st may) at Driffield Show Ground were more than 4000 people came to the fair but better still The Driffield Real Ale and Cider Festival hosted by The Butchers Dog & Yorkshire Brewing Company from Hull. They told me it was a very enjoyable bank holiday weekend for all and a big success for the show ground as it attracted the more visitors than previous years and the good news is they can do it all again next year. I wasn't aloud to go this year as mum was frightened I would eat all the hog roast and there wouldn't be any left for any one else. (I would of) :-) 
The best news of all this month is that mum has been told we are in the final for: 
That's all form me for this month take care and drink real ale!! 
woof! Woof! 
Peppa x  
Wow! We have only been open just over a year but what a year we've had. November 2015 we were awarded HEY CAMRA Cider pub of the Year! Brewer and cider guru David Litton HEY CAMRA Regional cider co-ordinator, also wrote about the event in the Hull & East Yorkshire Pub Mirror Issue 94 Winter December 2015 - February 2016. 
"A numbers of branch members made the train to show their support." 
David Litton said ' Every year this competition gets harder to judge as the nominated pubs raise their standards." 
Natalie Briglin of The Butcher Dog said "Cheri and I are delighted to win this competition. It's thanks to our locals who create the demand that we are able to sell so much good quality cider". 
As The Butchers Dog has won the Branch competition it will now go on to compete in the 2016 Yorkshire Competition. 
We have also been awarded HEY Town Pub Of The Year the presentation for this award will be held on Sunday 31st January. 
For more information on Hull & East Yorkshire CAMRA see here 
12th November 2015 we were thrilled to be awarded "Best Pub in Driffield" 
see what they wrote about us by following this link 
We also made the Yorkshire Evening Post here 
Held at Mercure Hotel Willerby on Thursday** November 2015, These awards are the highlight of the year for hull and its business economy, The competition saw excellence rewarded in 15 categories. Our category was Tourism and Hospitality our category sponsor was First Hull Trains. We made it to the final out of 22 nominated in our category and come home with the runner up prize. we are so proud of our wee pub and all of our staff but most of all our customers new and old, without them we wouldn't be able to achieve such a great success. Thank you! 
We have our pop up real ale shop that we take to different shows and events throught the year. The most popular even that we attend is the Driffield Show. The stall was a great success this year we sold real ale gift boxes and bottles and our popular T-Shirts and Hoodies. with over 5,000 people attending this event it was a great day for Driffield and The Butcher's Dog. Keep an eye out for us at local shows and come and say hello. 
Driffield now has its first Micro-Brewery. We have a 1 brewers barrel plant that produces our 5 core range of ales. 
Peppa's Pawter 
Black Spot stout 
Yorkshire Tyke Bitter 
one-0-one Pale ale 
Kuka IPA 
We have a new brewery page coming soon to keep you up to date with the latest news from the brewey in the mean time we are on Facebook 
With craft beer becoming evermore popular micro-pubs are springing up across the country, offering punters a choice of pint-sized pubs to sup local brews. Since the concept was first recognised in 2005 the number of micro-pubs operating in the UK has grown to 100, as of 27 December. 
Typically one room converted into a free-house, a micro-pub “listens to its customers, mainly serves cask ales, promotes conversation, shuns all forms of electronic entertainment and dabbles in traditional pub snacks”, according to the Micro Pub Association. 
“There were 50 micro-pubs trading at the end of 2013 and to see the number now topping 100 is truly remarkable,” said Martyn Hillier, co-founder of the Micro Pub Association. 
Number of 'micropubs' on the High Street set to soar as shops close down 
'Micropubs' are catching on: The Independent Article