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On average we will have 50 different beers each month, with a choice of pale, bitter and darker ale, giving an even greater selection to choose from! Cask conditioned ale is beer that is brewed from traditional ingredients and matured in the cask from which it is served. This means that it is fresh and unfiltered and therefore has a unique flavour. 
Cask ale is naturally conditioned as a by-product of the secondary fermentation that takes place inside the cask. It is then served directly, without the use of extraneous carbon dioxide or chemical treatments of any sort. What you are tasting is a live product, full of flavour and character: beer in its natural state. 
A microbrewery or craft brewery is a brewery that produces a small amount of beer. Exact definitions vary, but the terms are typically applied to breweries that are much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries and are independently owned. Such breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavour and brewing technique. 
The microbrewing movement began in the United Kingdom in the 1970s — although traditional artisan brewing existed in Europe for centuries — and subsequently spread to other countries. As the movement grew and some breweries expanded their production and distribution, the more encompassing concept of craft brewing emerged. A related term, "brewpub", refers to a pub or restaurant that brews its own beer for sale on the premises. 
There are 37 micro breweries within a 30 mile radius of Driffield! We source our ales mainly from them, but also regularly have other guest ales from smaller country-wide breweries. We change the type of ale and brewery after each cask is finished so every time you visit The Butcher's Dog you'll find something different. 
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The Hop Studio 
The Hop Studio was founded in 2012 with a simple mission to brew great beer. They brew small batches of artisanal beer and like their beers to be full of flavour, aroma and charisma. Hop Studio beers can be loud and shouty, they can be subtle, outrageous or exotic. They call it "Original British Beer!" 
Bradfield Brewery 
Bradfield Brewery is a family run brewery based on a working farm in the Peak District, within the picturesque village of Bradfield. Using finest malts, traditional hops and natural spring from their own borehole, they produce a range of distinctive and award winning real ales. 
Scarborough Brewery 
Scarborough Brewery is an award winning micro-brewery based on the North Yorkshire Coast. Passionate about real ale, owner James Soden decided at the age of 21 to start his own brewery and became one of the youngest brewery owners in the UK. 5 years on, Scarborough beers can be found in every corner of the UK, with their growing team crafting new beers every month. 
Brass Castle Brewery 
Brass Castle Brewery is based in the centre of Malton, Yorkshire's food capital, and focuses on creating outstanding traditional cask-conditioned beers: the UK's gift to the beer world. Award-winning bottle and keg beers are made to the same high standard and all Brass Castle ales are vegan/vegetarian-friendly. 
Half Moon Brewery 
Half Moon Brewery is a five barrel micro-brewery producing hand-crafted ales, based in Ellerton, East Riding of Yorkshire 
Yorkshire Brewing Company 
Yorkshire Brewing Company is based in the Hull's Fruit Market arts quarter nestled alongside the waterfront. The brewery has been hand crafting a range of real ales over the past two years and has significant plans for growth during 2015. Its range of beers includes Supernatural Blonde, Oregon Gold, Yorkshire Passion, Moondance, Raspberry Tipple, Strawberry Blonde, Mutiny, Blackjack and Waverider. Additional seasonal ales are also brewed throughout the year. 
Special Requests?  
Tell us if you’d like us to source a favourite beer or cider and we will!